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Sleep, Sleep ….Beautiful Sleep!

Sleep, Sleep …Beautiful Sleep! I almost admire people who put their heads down and just sleep! It is vital for good health but with most of us bordering older ages, menopause and/or stressed out of our minds, this is the one area where we fail ourselves miserably, un-intentionally, but we … Read more

Lack Of Sleep

The Imsyser team will be sharing daily tips for the next month to assist our clients ease into ‘good health’ for 2015: Remember! Lack of sleep affects your alertness and energy, and also weakens your body’s defences against infection ( YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH), allowing an increase of  anxiety, and boosts … Read more

What to do if you can’t sleep

–  Calcium in the diet helps one relax
– Pantothenic Acid taken with Niacin is a Vitamin of the B complex group.
– Taken with niacin will avoid face flushing
– Herbal teas like Hops, Camomile & Quiet Night ( Contains Valerian, Yarrow & Catnip)
– Avoid using caffeine products

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