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Drink More Water!! Weight-Loss? More Water!!

Drink More Water!! Weight-loss? More Water!! Imsyser tip of the Week Don’t ever underestimate the power of water to change your life, your health and you weight! The human body is composed of mostly water. Water is required for survival: Water helps regulate metabolism and control appetite. Water improves cognitive … Read more

Parasites – Not Just A Modern Day Dilemma

Parasites not just a modern day Dilemma! It is crucially they are manged. The World Health Organisation stated that there are over 3.5 billion people that have some level of parasitic infection in the world. Parasites use the nutrients from the body, by feeding off our own bodies, and in … Read more

Boost Testosterone, Prostate And Urinary Health

Boost your body’s level of Free testosterone, boost your prostate & urinary health, and beat those TOXINS right off their socks! For thousands of years, stinging nettle has been prized by the ancient Romans and Greeks, as well as Native American tribes, to stimulate circulation, support healthy prostates and to … Read more

Talking about the dreaded male problem: Prostate Cancer

Talking about the dreaded male problem: Prostate Cancer So much research has gone into various ‘treatments’ and the one most dreaded is ‘cutting’. As we all know the idea would be to start looking after yourself at a young tender age before the situation is out of hand. Its therefore … Read more

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