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Our Western Diet Makes Our Bodies More Acidic

Our modern day Western diet makes our bodies more acidic. A more acidic body, WILL lead to chronic metabolic syndrome and from there diseases such as cancer ;heart disease and more. Cancer cells can also create their own acid, a small area in and around cancer cells, called the micro-environment. … Read more

What Is So Important About pH?

What is ‘so’ important about pH? One of the health issues we regularly hammer on is the importance of a stabilised, healthy body pH to secure a healthy internal balance. This is hard work but not only crucially important to work at but one of the key aspects to determining … Read more

There Are Really 2 Ways To Detox The Liver

THERE REALLY 2 WAYS TO DETOX THE LIVER: THE LONG SLOWER ROUTE TO BETTER LIVER FUNCTIONING: Drink Raw Vegetable Juice and effectively detox your liver and kidneys in one of the most natural ways!! It can be nearly impossible to eat all the raw vegetables you need to make your liver … Read more

Balance and pH; the REAL Issue

Balance and pH; the REAL issue One of the key determinants of the speed of ageing and onset of degenerative diseases is the internal terrain of the body as best measured and discussed in terms of the pH. pH is a measurement of the level of acidity in the body … Read more

Your pH Balance – Your Lifestyle Balance!

DO THESE SYMPTOMS SOUND LIKE SOMETHING YOU ARE BATTLING WITH?? Slow metabolism Obesity/OR Weight gain High blood pressure/OR  Heart conditions Chronic inflammation Kidney issues /OR kidney stones Diabetes /OR Insulin Resistance Premature aging Weak bones /OR Osteoporosis Muscle pain /OR Joint pain Acid reflux /OR lactic-acid build-up Mood swings /OR … Read more

Natural Salts Essential To Life

Natural salt is as essential to life as water. It is the carrier of a lot of the minerals when sourced from the healthy choices, like natural Himalayan salt. It may assist in: Exporting nutrients to and from cells Keeping blood pressure stable Increasing brain cells that regulate long-term planning … Read more

It Is All About pH

The body naturally maintains a proper pH balance by eliminating acids when all healthy systems are working and not in a state of overload. But when too much acid is present (usually diet related and then of course the other ‘biggy’, stress) and the body cannot process normally then this … Read more

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