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Dealing With Parasite & Worms

Immunity due to toxic load Dealing with both these issues remains ‘scary’ for many especially when you mention ‘parasites’ yet the word ‘worms’ seems too make everyone run when in reality we are a moving whole of so many organisms more than 10:1 too our very own human cells. As … Read more

The Problem With A Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth leads to digestive problems Candida is typically not life-threatening, but if left untreated, it can spread and eventually reach the bloodstream. Once the fungus is circulating throughout the body, it can affect vital organs like the brain across the Blood Brain Barrier ( see our previous blog on … Read more

Hi-lighting Gut News…..

What we have learnt about securing Gut health, Brain health and all Health from within your Gut going forward…. We all know that our microbiome influences everything from digestion to mental health to Immunity; so it would seem a ‘no-brainer’ to start right there in the gut. And where we … Read more

The Value of Probiotics…Candida Problems

The Value of Probiotics for Candida Problems Candida is known as an “opportunistic” fungus because, given the right conditions, there’s no limit to where it will spread. This can cause serious damage to your organs and tissues, including the brain and kidneys. The result of Candida overgrowth, related parasite infections … Read more

Are Parasite the underlying cause to Dis-ease?

Are Parasite the underlying cause to Dis-ease? In the past as it was In the past it was determined that certain parasites were involved in certain cancers. And sadly, the modern trend of thinking is that somehow modern-day man cannot possibly be affected by parasites and worms and all those … Read more

Why and How do we do a Parasite Cleanse…?

The Imsyser Parasite Cleanse The Imsyser Parasite Cleanse as part of a detox regime is comprised of very powerful anti-parasitic ingredients eliminating not only the adult parasites but also the eggs from the system. Most people will not face this sorely needed detox as a much needed ‘reality’ or even … Read more

Are Parasites involved in Cancer?

Dr Clark and understanding Parasites Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanses have been around for years! They eliminate more than 120 species of parasites without the difficult side effects of pharmaceuticals. These parasite cleanses are also used in her cancer protocols. And I always suggest that all underlying health issues be dealt … Read more

What is parasites?

Are you battling with conditions that just don’t clear up? Parasites are not what people think they are. Some dark gloomy dirty word. Parasites are everywhere.  And they often the underlying problem if disease just continues spiraling out of control with no seeming cure. They are probably the most diverse … Read more

Kidney Support In A Nutshell!

Kidney Support in a nutshell! Kidneys function in a similar way to that of a water filter.  It helps in filtering the blood in the body and then removes all the wastes/toxins that we do not require. Kidneys have a major role to play for our well-being.  The future of all ‘dis-ease’ … Read more


MODERN-DAY UNDERSTANDING OF THE GUT, THE BRAIN AND HOW INTER-DEPENDENT THEY REALLY ARE. The body is a complex, integrated, bio-system and only just recently have modern day scientists worked out how all the bio-parts are literally interconnected and totally co-dependent on each other. We also know that it’s impossible to … Read more

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