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Heart & Brain Health

The problem with Inflammation, Your Heart Health & Your Brain Health Within the past few decades, scientists hit upon the discovery that many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and long-lasting respiratory problems such as asthma, share a common element—chronic inflammation. Scientists suggest that many factors contribute to chronic inflammation, including … Read more

Are Parasites involved in Cancer?

Dr Clark and understanding Parasites Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanses have been around for years! They eliminate more than 120 species of parasites without the difficult side effects of pharmaceuticals. These parasite cleanses are also used in her cancer protocols. And I always suggest that all underlying health issues be dealt … Read more

Find out how to release toxins in a nutshell…

Toxic Release in a Nutshell Are you experiencing persistent fatigue foggy thinking digestive problems skin eruptions (acne, rashes, or eczema) stubborn weight gain hormone or blood sugar imbalance? If any of these symptoms resonate with you, your body is sending out distress signals and is suffering from toxic burden. Some … Read more

A Whole New Look At Detoxification especially for Cancer

Modern Day Disease Means a Whole New Look at Detoxification …. A must for those serious about combatting most auto-immune conditions and especially CANCER. This is always the first step in all cancer treatments: detox of the Liver, Detox of the Kidneys, Detox of the Gut and a general Parasite & … Read more

Seasonal Detox Time

One of the most important ‘rituals’ I believe in and I share with all our clients is to do a seasonal detox, thus Seasonal Detox Time. Just as the seasons change and everything around us changes, so too the water we drink changes as it is influenced by all of … Read more

Gut health discussed: “All disease begins in the gut”.

Hippocrates said it way, way back: “All disease begins in the gut”. And this is in reality so true – unhappy gut, unhappy Immune health and more or less everything stems from here anyway.  Enough is being said about the everyday digestive issues such as chronic constipation etc., but what … Read more

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