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What is parasites?

Are you battling with conditions that just don’t clear up? Parasites are not what people think they are. Some dark gloomy dirty word. Parasites are everywhere.  And they often the underlying problem if disease just continues spiraling out of control with no seeming cure. They are probably the most diverse … Read more

More On Cancer & ALL ‘Disease’ Prevention

More on Cancer & ALL ‘Dis-Ease’ Prevention… Whether you are living with the results of Cancer and doing ‘dis-ease’ prevention or just trying to prevent this awful ‘imbalance’ that potentially can destroy your life, the plan of attack is always the same. For this purpose I believe Imsyser was literally … Read more

Kidney Support In A Nutshell!

Kidney Support in a nutshell! Kidneys function in a similar way to that of a water filter.  It helps in filtering the blood in the body and then removes all the wastes/toxins that we do not require. Kidneys have a major role to play for our well-being.  The future of all ‘dis-ease’ … Read more


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PROBIOTICS The majority of the body’s waste, which is created through the digestion of foods and minerals, is deposited into your colon. If this waste isn’t excreted from your colon on a regular basis, it will allow the build- up of poisons and  unwanted … Read more

Health & Beauty From The Inside Out

Health & Beauty from the inside out Beauty that has evolved so dramatically in recent years. There is a new aesthetic in town and it’s health and wellness – no matter your shape or size. The “beauty industry” has been slowly shape shifting – with social media leading the way … Read more

Dealing With Both Physical And Mental Imbalances

There are two conditions in people that I always take care of right away when dealing with gut &/or Immune conditions. It is difficult to separate these conditions and yet they represent two ways of treatment. People are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances and I get to the … Read more

Obsessions With Gut Health And Rightly So!!

Obsessions with Gut Health and rightly so!! Health starts with our Diet The health and wellness community is obsessed with gut health—and for good reason! We all know what a bummer digestive problems can be, and, in fact, it’s hard to feel healthy at all when you are experiencing digestive … Read more

Winter Is Always Probiotic Time – Compromised Immunity

Winter is ALWAYS Probiotics’ Time!! Winter is ‘Compromised Immunity Time’ and this means time for probiotics. 1 x Teaspoon a day for children and 1 x Tablespoon a day for adults might just be that break from the winter blues that has a cast a shadow over your normal winter … Read more

What Is Best For Your Health – To Detox or Not??

People often ask why we need to actively detox? Their reasoning is that the body is already handling this process through the extensive activities of the liver, kidneys and other organs of elimination. We shouldn’t need assistance. And yes, many years ago, we probably didn’t!! Now, however, with chronic toxic … Read more

The Importance of A Good Probiotic

We are ALL young and old looking for natural organic solutions to improve our health.  A healthy environment (gut health) promotes a healthy life for all. A good probiotic is needed In today’s world, staying healthy has become expensive as the price of organic fresh produce and meat is high. … Read more

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