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How To Turn Off The Cancer Switch

Sharing 3 Steps in Cancer Advancement: One of the most common causes of “Initiation” is free radical damage/oxidants, which cause cell damage. Oxidants cause oxidation, which is damaging to DNA – the instructions that tell cells what to do when. To wrap your head around oxidation, think of it like … Read more

Snack Time Treats Or Health Hazards??

With all the choices available from stores on-line or other, most consumers are left confused. Many commercially available  snacks contain soy protein, gluten, casein, trans fat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup), or protein levels that are too high. They are also loaded with fillers that offer little or no … Read more

Inflammation And Our Body’s Response

Inflammation is always the root cause of most degenerative diseases.  Our bodies have the inborn ability to heal themselves using this inflammatory response as part of the survival mechanism. When we interfere in this natural balance on any level be it physical, emotional or other we create an imbalance and … Read more

Oatmeal Helps Control Weight

We are sharing another article on controlling your weight: By Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs When Cleopatra slipped into her oatmeal-and-buttermilk-filled bathtub, she was making sure her skin would be healthy and smooth all day long. What she didn’t know what that those magic grains could do the same … Read more

Nutrition Basics

Each vitamin is but a member of a ‘team’ and the ‘team’ itself is but a part of a ‘co-ordinated whole’. This is where Imsyser lay claim to the fact that Imsyser is a whole product supplement, the only way to choose a supplement since nothing in nature exists in … Read more

NucleoNomics – The Gutsy Gut Factor

Dear Nucleo Fans, The other day my old time friend Marco, out in Dubai, sent me a freakonomics alert on the Power of Poop! It explains how a guy was healed from MS with a fecal transplant! Eish Eina! Marco was rather relieved that Nucleo (at a fraction of the … Read more

Vitamin B12 – Boost Your Brain Function

Sharing this article in year-end times when we all get tired and ‘brain fog’ seems to be the thing of the moment….anyway with the steady increase of brain related, brain deteriorating diseases, I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves to help prevent the likes of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and more. … Read more

Heart Health

Sharing Heart health in a Nutshell: Along with lifestyle changes, a whole health foods diet, a healthy exercise regimen, smoking cessation and stress management, these powerful nutrients can help reduce your cardiovascular risk… Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your glutathione. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the spark that … Read more

Our Ageing Bodies and Probiotics

Probiotics are crucial for an ageing body and we all know getting older has many health challenges if you do not stay in touch with various good healthy life style choices. Have you ever wondered whether probiotics could do anything for an ageing body? Research has suggested that as you … Read more

Belly Flab & Night Time Eating

Belly flab and night time eating…beware!! We all know that it is best NOT to eat too late at night but if you do, choosing the RIGHT foods before bed: Avoid carbs and insulin.  consuming carbohydrates will result in an  insulin release which will in turn put the brakes on … Read more

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