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Super-foods for 2019

It’s the new thing! And it’s good!! Too much time has been spent on genetically modified foods serving no value other than making us sick and nutritionally deplete. One of the many on the sought-after list is: Marula; Millet; Fonio; Amaranth; Moringa; Baobab; Bambara Nuts; Blackjack and Sorghum. How can … Read more

Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD

Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD.  Why not try and fix ADHD with Imsyser?? The NATURAL ALTERNATIVE!!! Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not just a problem for children. More than half of the children with ADHD continue to experience symptoms as adults. The classic signs are … Read more

NucleoNomics – The Gutsy Gut Factor

Dear Nucleo Fans, The other day my old time friend Marco, out in Dubai, sent me a freakonomics alert on the Power of Poop! It explains how a guy was healed from MS with a fecal transplant! Eish Eina! Marco was rather relieved that Nucleo (at a fraction of the … Read more

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