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What Makes Imsyser’s Probiotic Unique

Probiotic Beauty… Our Probiotic contains 12 different strains of live, bio-available symbiotic microorganisms. These, including the soil-based super probiotics, have a unique structure that protects them from heat, oxygen, and even passage through the stomach and small intestine. In other words, the good bacteria reach your large intestine and colon … Read more

Consortia Technology, The Imsyser Probiotics Difference

CONSORTIA TECHNOLOGY, THE IMSYSER ESSENTIAL PROBIOTICS DIFFERENCE!! That is our superior advantage!! In nature, microorganisms never exist in isolation, a ‘pure culture’, trillions of it in one product. Many of the most popular probiotics are developed using this ‘pure culture method’. If you are lucky you might actually have up … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Prebiotics

Everything You Need To Know About Prebiotics We need to know about the value of prebiotics and Probiotics if we care about our health. With the norm of the modern day being highly inflammatory diets, insufficient sleep, poor water, stress and the overuse of antibiotics that negatively affect our gut … Read more

Probiotics For Muscle Growth And Weight Loss

  If you’re trying to increase lean body mass, adding probiotics to your diet will ensure more efficient digestion. And that leads to increased energy, better workouts, and easier muscle growth and repair. The Link Between Probiotics and Muscle Growth Kenneth Bock, M.D., the author of The Road to Immunity, says that gaining … Read more

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