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AN ENCOUNTER WITH IMSYSER FORMULA, Being a student of phytomedicine research in Clinical Psychology, as soon as I read through the compositional elements of Imsyser I already know that  I have in my hand a sample of a potent natural remedy formulation. After 3 days of taking the three products … Read more

Water is Life: Why?

Water carries essential minerals & salts ( good salts ) for essential basic cellular functioning! Water energizes! Best pick me up ever!!! Water reduces stress! Water heals! Water has almost become as expensive as fuel; a fundamentally crucial commodity and precious!! Water prevents disease! Salt laden water improves sleep! Water … Read more

Understanding Candida Albicans

We don’t have a choice but to take heed…..this will become your cancer. Read and make the changes it IS WORTH IT! We share because we Care…. “Candida Albicans is the formal name for the fungus or yeast that is responsible for yeast infections. Normally it lives in symbiosis in … Read more

You Are The Author Of Your Life

Don’t let  “crisis” be an opportunity for “change”. You are the author of your health & therefore your life…. In order to change your health for 2015 you usually need to change some of your habits by making positive changes to your lifestyle. These changes can be on various levels: … Read more

Imsyser – Sharing Tip Of The Day

The Imsyser team sharing their tip of the day: “Science has revealed and proven beyond doubt that our intestines are a hotbed of inflammation.  This inflammation affects systemic health in all our other organs and tissues.  Literally, if the gut is “on fire” it damages the whole body, literally consuming … Read more

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