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The Perils Of A Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut Issues The Perils Of A Leaky Gut and “One of the most important takeaways from the new research on the connection between microbes and brain health is that “disruption” isn’t just about having a mis-balanced microbiome, in which the thugs outnumber and trample on the good guys, triggering … Read more

Do We Need A Daily Dose Of Probiotics?

The ultimate question: do we need a daily dose of probiotics?? Yes or No?? The role of the microme in regulation of Immunity, Inflammatory responses, Brain health, Mental health and actually all facets of health actually all starts with the birth experience. Mental health and wellness are often a reflection … Read more

Digestive Health

In this modern day with all its stresses & strains and  with toxic overload from every imaginable angle, keeping digestive health under control has become increasingly difficult. Well no longer! With the Imsyser Health & Wellness Kit we believe we have come up with an amazing range designed to not … Read more

It Is All About pH

The body naturally maintains a proper pH balance by eliminating acids when all healthy systems are working and not in a state of overload. But when too much acid is present (usually diet related and then of course the other ‘biggy’, stress) and the body cannot process normally then this … Read more

Sharing Weight Issues and More …

Sharing weight issues and the reasons behind these… New toxic elements pop up every day and we wonder why we battle with toxic overload, cancers and more. Most of the time these are hidden elements and due to lack of knowledge ( and we don’t read our labels!!) we are … Read more

Signs Your Body Is Full OF Toxins ..

Signs Your Body Is Full OF Toxins ..What to do about this Modern living means we are constantly surrounded by harmful substances and toxins, even the air we breathe and water we drink is contaminated, and then to top it all we use products containing pesticides, hormones and preservatives and … Read more

The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes!

The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes! ….And I mean POWER!!! Sharing some more titbits from “Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter in uncovering the powerful interplay between gut bacteria and the body. “Some of America’s best scientists have been charged with exploring how changes in the microbiome are associated with health … Read more


What is bloating really?? Well simply put merely excess air and gas trapped in your digestive tract (primarily in your 20-foot-long small intestines). This does not negate the incredible discomfort felt when bloated but avoiding certain actions might assist in reducing bloating as mentioned below: Wrong foods such as beans. … Read more

Battered Bowel Ecology

Chronic fatigue, Immune Health & Weight issues as a result of battered bowel ecology. The bowel ecosystem is always damaged in chronic states, and its restoration is the core for chronic fatigue, weight loss issues immune health and various other heath discrepancies. In conventional medicine, treatment of symptoms directly related … Read more

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