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Your Healthy Kidneys Are Crucially Important!

Importance of the body At Imsyser Health we tend to specialize more on gut functioning but trying to negate the importance of your kidneys would be negating the importance of the body as a fully functioning body all parts belonging to a whole and needing each other as a whole. … Read more

More On Cancer & ALL ‘Disease’ Prevention

More on Cancer & ALL ‘Dis-Ease’ Prevention… Whether you are living with the results of Cancer and doing ‘dis-ease’ prevention or just trying to prevent this awful ‘imbalance’ that potentially can destroy your life, the plan of attack is always the same. For this purpose I believe Imsyser was literally … Read more

Summer Is Here, But The Winter Body Still “Hangs” Around??

Summer is here but the Winter body still ‘hangs’ around?? Want Your Detox Diet to Work? Support Your Liver!! Modern-day food and diets are laden with toxic overload; this we know! And, lucky for you, your liver and kidneys naturally detoxify the massive chemical burden you ingest through the food … Read more

Cancer, The Causes, The Problem And How To Manage Prevention Best

Cancer, the Causes, the Problem and how to Manage Prevention Best What causes cancer There are many theories of what causes cancer – genetics, acidity in the body, lack of oxygen at cellular level, Viruses, Bacterial infections, Fungi & Candida, stress, unresolved emotional issues, parasites, and then of course toxic … Read more

What Is Best For Your Health – To Detox or Not??

People often ask why we need to actively detox? Their reasoning is that the body is already handling this process through the extensive activities of the liver, kidneys and other organs of elimination. We shouldn’t need assistance. And yes, many years ago, we probably didn’t!! Now, however, with chronic toxic … Read more

Interesting Tips on gum chewing… Well Worth Reading

Sharing this interesting news tip, more scientific study tip….but well worth reading! Yes we all do gum chewing or have at some or other stage of our lives and of course stimulating saliva flow and not following through with the necessary ‘expected’ foods is not good for the digestive system. The … Read more

Game Changer For Kidney Stone Sufferers

Since this is one of the more common and actually quite disturbing requests of the time I have decided to share this health advice on ‘Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones’. An excellent article although I believe prevention to be the better ‘cure’ – it almost always relates back to ‘lifestyle’ … Read more

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