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Kidney Problems…?

Your Healthy Kidneys Are Crucially Important! At Imsyser Health we tend to specialize more on gut functioning but trying to negate the importance of your kidneys would be negating the importance of the body as a fully functioning body all parts belonging to a whole and needing each other as … Read more

What is really Destroying our Youth?

Reality about our children of today Did you know that at any one time there is at least 5 year year waiting period and this is growing yearly for those that need dialysis and may possibly never get help before they eventually pass on😢 The true cause of the epidemic … Read more

Acidity And Kidney Stones

Acidity And Kidney Stones The number one reason for kidney stones is not drinking enough water. The number two reason is diet and lifestyle. And with modern day toxicity, over-use of medications and high acidity leading to most auto-immune conditions, kidney failure or even worse will soon become the new … Read more

Water. So Scarce. So Crucial!!!

Water. So scarce. So crucial!! That time of the year… Whether you be in the Western Cape with water crisis shortages or else where it is the time of the year where we ‘party’ and think we are getting in enough fluids. Well party fluids! But nothing but nothing replaces … Read more

When Do We Start Developing A Toxic Colon??

The Problem I believe that when the bowel is under-active, toxic wastes are more likely to be absorbed through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream from which they become deposited in the tissues. If any elimination system is under-active, more wastes are retained in the body. As toxins accumulate … Read more

A Whole New Look At Detoxification especially for Cancer

Modern Day Disease Means a Whole New Look at Detoxification …. A must for those serious about combatting most auto-immune conditions and especially CANCER. This is always the first step in all cancer treatments: detox of the Liver, Detox of the Kidneys, Detox of the Gut and a general Parasite & … Read more

Kidney Cleansing

Imsyser sharing more on Kidney Cleansing Urination difficulties are important symptoms of bladder inflammation (cystitis). They include burning, nocturnal pain, dribbling and increased frequency of urination. A painful, spasmodic urge to urinate is also often present. Women and children are often affected due to the introduction of micro-organisms from the … Read more

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