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Acidity And Kidney Stones

Acidity And Kidney Stones The number one reason for kidney stones is not drinking enough water. The number two reason is diet and lifestyle. And with modern day toxicity, over-use of medications and high acidity leading to most auto-immune conditions, kidney failure or even worse will soon become the new … Read more

Game Changer For Kidney Stone Sufferers

Since this is one of the more common and actually quite disturbing requests of the time I have decided to share this health advice on ‘Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones’. An excellent article although I believe prevention to be the better ‘cure’ – it almost always relates back to ‘lifestyle’ … Read more

Kidney Cleansing

Imsyser sharing more on Kidney Cleansing Urination difficulties are important symptoms of bladder inflammation (cystitis). They include burning, nocturnal pain, dribbling and increased frequency of urination. A painful, spasmodic urge to urinate is also often present. Women and children are often affected due to the introduction of micro-organisms from the … Read more

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