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We DO Have A Probiotic Deficiency!

We DO Have A Probiotic Deficiency! It’s route deficiency (probiotic & nutritional) lies in the soil and the chain reaction then eventually affects our health. It’s that simple!! the result And it’s that basic deficiency that may lead to leaky gut, IBS, chronic constipation, colic and various gut discrepancies even from … Read more

The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes!

The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes! ….And I mean POWER!!! Sharing some more titbits from “Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter in uncovering the powerful interplay between gut bacteria and the body. “Some of America’s best scientists have been charged with exploring how changes in the microbiome are associated with health … Read more

Gut Health Tips from the Imsyser Team

Some more health tips form the Imsyser team on gut health maintenance: Start the day with a luke warm glass of water ( the gut does not like cold water) + Apple Cider Vinegar to kick start mucous removal out of the gut . A rich source of Potassium; a … Read more

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