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Winter Is Always Probiotic Time – Compromised Immunity

Winter is ALWAYS Probiotics’ Time!! Winter is ‘Compromised Immunity Time’ and this means time for probiotics. 1 x Teaspoon a day for children and 1 x Tablespoon a day for adults might just be that break from the winter blues that has a cast a shadow over your normal winter … Read more

Looking At Diabetes – A Chronic Auto-Immune Disease

Looking at Diabetes – a chronic Auto-immune disease – and Imsyser. What is Diabetes Diabetes symptoms vary depending on how much your blood sugar is elevated. Some people, especially those with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, may not experience symptoms initially. In type 1 diabetes, symptoms tend to come on … Read more

The Danger Of Chronic Inflammation And Your Immune System

The Danger of Chronic Inflammation The danger of chronic inflammation is a frequent, recurring theme in the health world today. Though inflammation is a normal function of your immune system—it’s a defence mechanism that your body activates when it senses it’s under attack—it can easily reach abnormally high levels. Many people … Read more

Sleep, Sleep ….Beautiful Sleep!

Sleep, Sleep …Beautiful Sleep! I almost admire people who put their heads down and just sleep! It is vital for good health but with most of us bordering older ages, menopause and/or stressed out of our minds, this is the one area where we fail ourselves miserably, un-intentionally, but we … Read more

Imsyser Intend To Bring Out An Education Process For All

As you know we here at Imsyser intend to bring about an education process for all to benefit from especially from the natural perspective. Imsyser Health Products is dedicated to the process of assisting our clients in achieving body ‘BALANCE’ by means of a simple 3 – step, 100 % … Read more

What Is Best For Your Health – To Detox or Not??

People often ask why we need to actively detox? Their reasoning is that the body is already handling this process through the extensive activities of the liver, kidneys and other organs of elimination. We shouldn’t need assistance. And yes, many years ago, we probably didn’t!! Now, however, with chronic toxic … Read more

Probiotics to the rescue for Daily Supplementation

Human reasoning. The human body contains tens of trillions of bacteria. There are, in fact, ten times more bacteria in the human body than there are human in the larger scheme of things these very small ‘creatures’ are crucially important to MAINTAIN. In a nutshell we need Probiotics! Modern day … Read more

Detoxification; Modern Day Stressors & Disease

There are countless stressors in our modern world and many of them are foods, people, or situations, and products we allow into our lives. We NEED regular detoxification… Pollutants in our Foods  Pollutants are in our soil, water, and air, and that means they are in our food supply. These … Read more

Your pH Balance – Your Lifestyle Balance!

DO THESE SYMPTOMS SOUND LIKE SOMETHING YOU ARE BATTLING WITH?? Slow metabolism Obesity/OR Weight gain High blood pressure/OR  Heart conditions Chronic inflammation Kidney issues /OR kidney stones Diabetes /OR Insulin Resistance Premature aging Weak bones /OR Osteoporosis Muscle pain /OR Joint pain Acid reflux /OR lactic-acid build-up Mood swings /OR … Read more

November Is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month. How can Imsyser help? Well over and above the fact that the products are designed to support auto-immune conditions and Diabetes IS an auto-immune disease; the products delve at the level where the root cause of the disease is managed. Remember it is ALWAYS about lifestyle issues. … Read more

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