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Don’t Forget The Youth

Don’t Forget The Youth. The future of our children Don’t Forget The Youth. It is a known fact that the newer strain of the virus is affecting our youth so …

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The Big Discussion about Ivermectin

The Big Discussion about Ivermectin? Need to know… The Big Discussion about Ivermectin. I often look at the huge discussions going around this veterinary anti-parasitic product being used, “apparently illegally”, …

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The Mask Story

The Mask Story. With so much being written about to wear or not to wear…pretty much we have no choice in the matter! The Mask Story. I personally feel blessed …

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Back to School

10 days till schools start…. That time of the year where over indulging has lead to bloating issues and general discomfort as the extra holiday weight crept up on us …

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Managing that Sore Throat

Seek medical attention A sore throat can be a symptom of a cold coming on. But in these compromised times it is also one of the more scary reality checks …

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