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Why obesity is a problem…?

Africa and Obesity “Rapid urbanization and associated changes in people’s lifestyle means Africa faces a growing obesity problem. Across the continent the share of the urban population is projected to increase to 50% by 2030 and 60% by 2050. Looking at the Africa trends as stipulated by one of my … Read more

Modern Day Disease Is All About Inflammation

Modern Day Disease is ALL about Inflammation! The word “inflammation” traces back to the Latin for “set afire.” In some conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, you feel heat, pain, redness, and swelling. But in other more chronic cases — like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and Diabetes — it’s less subtle. … Read more

Our Western Diet Makes Our Bodies More Acidic

Our modern day Western diet makes our bodies more acidic. A more acidic body, WILL lead to chronic metabolic syndrome and from there diseases such as cancer ;heart disease and more. Cancer cells can also create their own acid, a small area in and around cancer cells, called the micro-environment. … Read more


MODERN-DAY UNDERSTANDING OF THE GUT, THE BRAIN AND HOW INTER-DEPENDENT THEY REALLY ARE. The body is a complex, integrated, bio-system and only just recently have modern day scientists worked out how all the bio-parts are literally interconnected and totally co-dependent on each other. We also know that it’s impossible to … Read more

The Danger Of Chronic Inflammation And Your Immune System

The Danger of Chronic Inflammation The danger of chronic inflammation is a frequent, recurring theme in the health world today. Though inflammation is a normal function of your immune system—it’s a defence mechanism that your body activates when it senses it’s under attack—it can easily reach abnormally high levels. Many people … Read more

Sleep, Sleep ….Beautiful Sleep!

Sleep, Sleep …Beautiful Sleep! I almost admire people who put their heads down and just sleep! It is vital for good health but with most of us bordering older ages, menopause and/or stressed out of our minds, this is the one area where we fail ourselves miserably, un-intentionally, but we … Read more

Interesting Tips on gum chewing… Well Worth Reading

Sharing this interesting news tip, more scientific study tip….but well worth reading! Yes we all do gum chewing or have at some or other stage of our lives and of course stimulating saliva flow and not following through with the necessary ‘expected’ foods is not good for the digestive system. The … Read more

The Reason For The Lack Of Energy And Fatigue In Our Children

Studying Our Children I have had the ‘privilege’ to work with a friend supporting her in an aftercare environment, dealing with children and for the first time have realised the severity of toxic overload in our human species and on a more serious note that of our children. Energy and … Read more

Hidden Artificial Sugars are a Toxic Source!

You have to get rid of those hidden toxic artificial sugars if you mean business with your body. It is not just feeding the sugar issue but adding the unnecessary toxic overload to the system. And with cancer statistic they way they are we had better pay attention to our … Read more

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