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Reactional Holiday Constipation??

Stop Constipation & Revitalise…. Chronic Constipation can rob you of your health. It clogs up the intestines, blocks the nutrients in your food from being absorbed through a healthy digestive lining & waste being deposited comfortably out of the digestive tract. This in turn causes excess weight gain, drains your … Read more

“Inflammation” – How To Prevent It

Sharing information on ‘Inflammation’ and how to prevent it. In a nutshell, there are about 37 trillion cells in the human body and every one of them is encased by a cell membrane.  Cell to cell communication occurs by chemical signals that are transmitted and received across this cellular membrane.  … Read more

Effectiveness Of Aloe (Also Found in Imsyser)

Sharing info on the Effectiveness of Aloe and its many uses; also an active ingredient in most of the Imsyser range with amazing results and testimonies. Findings: Wound healing: By day 5, 90% of wounds were healed (complete re-epithelialisation) with aloe  compared with 40-50% without aloe. Wound healing was 72 … Read more

Understanding Chronic Pain

Pain is a good thing and should be seen in this light; it can be a signal that we need to change something in our diet, environment, lifestyle or our relationships to enhance our natural ability to alleviate pain. If we listen closely to our pain and pay attention to … Read more


We are sharing this article because as we have mentioned in so many published articles the answer lies in the soil. SA used to have the most amazing soil with those benefits pushing through to the plants, trees and therefore our foods ( seeds and other) inclusive of meat ( … Read more

Balance Of Bacteria In The Body

Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates, the “Father of Western Medicine” said that all disease begins in the gut. One of the founders of immunology in the 19th century, said that longevity is directly linked to the balance of bacteria in the body. Your gut health is directly related to your … Read more


Whether it be super health we are trying to attain or mere prevention & treatment of ‘dis-ease’ , the core causes always stay the same. And if ‘dis-ease’ is not incentive enough then the mere thought of longevity , well a healthy one, should be incentive enough to try and … Read more

Pointers For Those Battling With Weight Issues

Sharing a couple of pointers for those battling with weight issues. DHEA – a hormone made by the adrenals, a precursor to all the sex hormones, that declines with age and has a lot to do with middle age weight gain. DHEA is known to block the enzyme known to … Read more

Diabetes and Related Issues

Chromium is well known in treating Diabetes; taken to increase insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon is another such natural common Diabetes treatment. One of the lesser known treatment aids for Diabetes is the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablets. Why? Well it is simple, Imsyser was designed for auto-immune conditions. Diabetes is an … Read more

Natural Medicines – Older Than We Think

Sharing an interesting article I found to confirm that natural medicine is even older than we think!! The point being we can grow most of these herbs and plants to satisfy daily medicinal needs before running off to the doctor for big pharma drugs. There is a place for all … Read more

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