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Without Prebiotics, Probiotics Can’t Do Their Job

Without Prebiotics, Probiotics Can’t Do Their Job! Sharing this article to a better understanding of the importance of a really good pre& probiotic as a crucial necessity to good , healthy DAILY gut functions…. “You’re probably already familiar with probiotics because they’ve gotten a lot of media attention in recent … Read more

Imsyser Efficient Microbes vs Other Probiotics

Why use Imsyser Efficient Microbes products vs other probiotics? How is this product different to similar products on the market like Probiotics? The Imsyser product is uniquely created with the use of complex microbial cultures consisting of microbes from three or four genus. The manufacturers are clear that focusing on … Read more


What is bloating really?? Well simply put merely excess air and gas trapped in your digestive tract (primarily in your 20-foot-long small intestines). This does not negate the incredible discomfort felt when bloated but avoiding certain actions might assist in reducing bloating as mentioned below: Wrong foods such as beans. … Read more

Gut Health Tips from the Imsyser Team

Some more health tips form the Imsyser team on gut health maintenance: Start the day with a luke warm glass of water ( the gut does not like cold water) + Apple Cider Vinegar to kick start mucous removal out of the gut . A rich source of Potassium; a … Read more

Gut Issues Discussed by Imsyser

 Do you have any of the following symptoms? •Abdominal Pain (especially after eating) •Stomach Bloating •Fewer than one bowel movement per two or three days •Excessive straining •Dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass •Low energy •General Irritability •Strange odor coming through your pores or breath Chances are you … Read more


Are you walking around with an average of 5 -7 kg of undigested rotting faecal matter in your intestines?? Statistics from USA: 1 in every 4 Americans suffers from some type of digestive issues!!   It is your responsibility to take steps to detoxify your bowels and kill the harmful … Read more

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