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You’ve got to attack toxicity at the cellular level

It’s virtually impossible these days to avoid toxic metals!! Metals like lead, mercury, and aluminium have found their way into the environment and end up places we normally wouldn’t think of as sources of toxins; whether it’s through our water supply, beauty products, pesticides & herbicides in our food, or … Read more

Battling with chronic Immune compromised Conditions?

…a living testimony…. “As with Geva and Imsyser, I have developed a passionate relationship with the positive effects Vulcan Silver has on my health.  As an antimicrobial agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth. In my opinion the two products work extremely well together. Literally hand in hand. Effectively … Read more

The role of Heavy Metals in Disease Management

What to know about heavy metals HEAVY METALS play a very critical and dangerous role in our health. Heavy metals are not made to be placed on our skin, in the mouth, in the food we eat or in the water we drink and more so not to the extent … Read more

What does Winter Immunity means?

Winter Immunity means Green food! We all know the benefits that come from eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And although winter soups and stews might lend itself more to this picture but adding a superfood to your menu means wholefood greens. The Geva Solution Instead of spending … Read more

Super-foods for 2019

It’s the new thing! And it’s good!! Too much time has been spent on genetically modified foods serving no value other than making us sick and nutritionally deplete. One of the many on the sought-after list is: Marula; Millet; Fonio; Amaranth; Moringa; Baobab; Bambara Nuts; Blackjack and Sorghum. How can … Read more

What is Geva…and WHY Geva…?

GEVA is a 100% Natural Green food The GEVA F SERIES is the worlds most advanced nutritional functional wholefood / supplement taken either as a smoothie or shake having no current known equal and is the brain child of Dr. George Georgiou, Winner of the International Crown Quality Award London … Read more

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