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Detox Before Winter

Detox before Winter and assisting in preparing the body for the change of season…. We need extra detox support to survive this modern-day chemical onslaught of various toxins from every imaginary direction: the water we drink (inclusive of the water forming the bulk of everything we eat  & including the … Read more


STAYING REGULAR AND ENJOYING THE BENEFITS OF GOOD HEALTH… Constipation is so often mismanaged at medical level and when as many as 15% of adults regularly suffer from the condition and that is not even taking children into account, we have to ask what are we not addressing?? Assuming that … Read more


We are sharing this article because as we have mentioned in so many published articles the answer lies in the soil. SA used to have the most amazing soil with those benefits pushing through to the plants, trees and therefore our foods ( seeds and other) inclusive of meat ( … Read more

Fighting Disease and The Bacteria Living In Your Gut

Link Between Your System’s Ability to Fight Disease and the Bacteria Living in Your Gut Few people realize that 70 to 80% of your body’s immune cells are located in a place you might not expect: Your gut. Most peolple suffer from issues related to their gut or GI tract … Read more

Your Colon Needs Good Bacteria

The lining of your gut looks and acts like a root system . Its surface area is enormous once opened up. A healthy gut depends on having the proper bacteria. Mold and parasites living in the gut affect our health, just as unhealthy organisms do. A few tips to improve … Read more

Fibre – Crucially Important For Wellness

We all know that ample sleep, exercise, water, stress reduction and diet are the basic components to achieve optimal health. Eating the correct food to support health and avoid the carcinogenic, fattening and processed food to prevent illness is yet another component. Today’s discussion revolves around ‘Fiber’ cannot be absorbed … Read more

Risks That Speeds Up Ageing And Disease

Whether it be super health we are trying to attain or mere prevention & treatment of ‘dis-ease’ , the core causes always stay the same. And if ‘dis-ease’ is not incentive enough then the mere thought of longevity , well a healthy one, should be incentive enough to try and … Read more

Change Of Season

As the season changes and we possibly eating less fruit and salads you need to consider the importance of increasing your dietary fibre. Boost your soluble and insoluble fibre intake, focusing on vegetables, nuts, and seeds, including sprouted seeds. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your gut … Read more

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