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You Deserve More Energy Especially At Year End

YOUR DESERVE MORE ENERGY. IRRELEVANT OF THE FACT THAT IS ALMOST YEAR END!! I believe that living a life full of energy, vitality, and health starts with supporting the body’s natural healing ability, your Immune System. And 80 % of your Immune System lies in your gut ….so we have … Read more

The Reason For The Lack Of Energy And Fatigue In Our Children

Studying Our Children I have had the ‘privilege’ to work with a friend supporting her in an aftercare environment, dealing with children and for the first time have realised the severity of toxic overload in our human species and on a more serious note that of our children. Energy and … Read more


OUR TOXIC ENVIRONMENT: Upon reading the article by the NHA as below there remains an ever larger health problem/risk more  than ever in recorded world history. Please read and share with me….. “Just weeks after the completion (and failure) of one of the supposed ‘containment’ walls, TEPCO the operator of the … Read more

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