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Your Digestive System Is The Body’s Nutrition Pipeline

Your Digestive Health The digestive system is the body’s nutrition pipeline – receiving, processing, and distributing nutrients for the body to use. AIM products ensure this process stays in working order – from beginning to end. Get your system back on track. The Digestive System The main function of the … Read more

Modern Day Chronic Bloating Shouldn’t Be A Way Of Life

Modern Day Chronic Bloating Shouldn’t Be a Way of Life Many people who live with digestive problems think it’s normal to feel unwell most of the time, but it’s not. That gastrointestinal distress be it cramping & or bloating is your body’s way of saying your gut needs some attention. … Read more

Probiotics, Babies, Eczema And More On Digestive Health

Probiotics Probiotics are mentioned almost daily not only for digestive health but for mental health and is found more and more regularly in various products, skin products included. Probiotics provide health in all its facets since the live bacteria actually shift the balance of the microbes in the gut affecting … Read more

Back To School! Back To Work … What Now?

Back to School! Back to Work…. And change of season……what now??  Infection and ‘dis-ease’ inclusive of virus, bacteria, fungus, and most of the parasites make us sick. Candida can give us the same symptoms as a bacterial or viral infection, and many times people have multiple infections at once, causing … Read more

Ill-Health as defined by the Imsyser Team

Ill-health does not mean that the intelligence within the body is not doing the best it can do. The drive is to maintain life, and will be keeping vital functions moving along to the best of its ability despite the circumstances. So even with ill health the intelligence is still … Read more

Digestive Health by the Imsyser team

Well, did you know that you have over 80 Trillion microscopic intestinal flora in your body? And you need every single one of them to maintain a healthy digestive track! 80% of your immune system cells are in the lining of your intestines! All the good reasons to make sure … Read more

Digestive Health by Imsyser Health Products

Your digestive tract is the most important body component determining health and disease? Poor digestion and specifically a low stomach acid production may be an important factor in ageing. Digestion, assimilation and absorption of food are very important to ensure that your body gets enough of the essential micro- and … Read more

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