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As most of us move into the ‘working’ 2018 we are filled with new years’ resolutions, hope and energy for the ‘new beginnings’…. And then, a week later, I often find people slumping off, energy levels drop and with that associated despondency. The reasons are simple. Stress has started taking … Read more

Sharing Weight-Issues And More …

Sharing Weight issues and more… New toxic elements pop up every day and we wonder why we battle with toxic overload, cancers and more. Most of the time these are hidden elements and due to lack of knowledge ( and we don’t read our labels!!) we are none the wiser … Read more

At Least 70% Of Your Immune Is In Your Digestive System

At Least 70% of Your Immune System Is in Your Digestive System! Since you need a strong Immune System for optimal health, you need to keep your gut in the best shape ever more than ever today. How do we do this? Super Boost your Immune System by feeding your … Read more

The Human Body Contains Tens Of Trillions Of Bacteria

The human body contains tens of trillions of bacteria. There are, in fact, ten times more bacteria in the human body than there are human in the larger scheme of things these very small ‘creatures’ are crucially important to MAINTAIN. Prior to the industrial revolution humans would get all … Read more

It’s All In Your Intestines. It’s All In The Gut!!

It’s all in your Intestines. It’s all in the Gut!! When waste gets to your colon, it’s too late. When you have weak digestion and or excretion, it takes about 60 hours for food to travel through your digestive system and to pass out of your colon. How long faeces … Read more

Gut Shot: Probiotics Hit Illness Where It Counts

GUT SHOT: PROBIOTICS HIT ILLNESS WHERE IT COUNTS By ingesting probiotics literally from birth, your child’s digestion may increase efficiency, providing additional nutrients for their muscles, bones and brains. Probiotics may benefit the human body in the following way and is probably the fastest growing industry seller of this era. … Read more

Your Brain Health Discussed

Your Brain Health Discussed To understand why a gut imbalance (dysbiosis) triggers problems like leaky gut and affects your mood, you have to go the root of the problem – your gut’s inner lining. When that layer becomes compromised by stress and antibiotics, inflammation rapidly spreads from your gut through … Read more

Consortia Technology, The Imsyser Probiotics Difference

CONSORTIA TECHNOLOGY, THE IMSYSER ESSENTIAL PROBIOTICS DIFFERENCE!! That is our superior advantage!! In nature, microorganisms never exist in isolation, a ‘pure culture’, trillions of it in one product. Many of the most popular probiotics are developed using this ‘pure culture method’. If you are lucky you might actually have up … Read more

The Candida Dilemma – An Imbalance In Gut Flora

The Candida Dilemma An imbalance in gut flora can allow specific bacteria and fungi to invade our bodies. Candida is a fungus, which is a form of yeast, and a very small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines. When overgrowth occurs, candida breaks down the wall of … Read more

Aiming For The Summer Body? Aim No More!!

Aiming for the Summer Body?  Aim no More!!!  Imsyser to the rescue!! Boost Your Good Gut Bacteria, Lose Weight, and Feel Great! You want a firmer, flatter belly? Stop obsessing over your abs and focus on what’s going on underneath them. All health starts in the gut. All ages. By … Read more

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