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Detox Your Body Before The Festive Season

Layers and layers of decayed faecal matter may build up into your colon walls causing constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, abdominal pain and this might go on for years unnoticed… Typical signs & symptoms: Bowel movements less than 2 x/day Gas or cramping Straining on the toilet Relying on laxatives Poop … Read more


We are sharing this article because as we have mentioned in so many published articles the answer lies in the soil. SA used to have the most amazing soil with those benefits pushing through to the plants, trees and therefore our foods ( seeds and other) inclusive of meat ( … Read more

Book Launch – Dr Arien Van Der Merwe

Imsyser want to share Dr Arien’s book launch with our readers, as she wrote about new findings regarding Diabetes, which the Imsyser Team also were not aware of.  It is definitely a very informative book, worth buying  Hi Everyone My heart is overflowing with gratitude today! It was a wonderful … Read more

Cancer Cure Facts

Sharing some Cancer Cure Facts as per Dr Gant. It all goes to prove that we are only as strong as our Immune System is. This ultimate ‘gift’ was God designed and when nurtured as it should be will be your ultimate defence mechanism. You are what you THINK and … Read more

Get Your Body From Acidic To Alkaline

Our modern day Western diet makes our bodies more acidic. A more acidic body, WILL lead to chronic metabolic syndrome and from there diseases such as cancer ;heart disease and more. Cancer cells can also create their own acid, a small area in and around cancer cells, called the micro-environment. … Read more

“Detox Routine” – Coconut Oil Pulling

We are exposed to an alarming amount of toxins on a daily basis. From the BPA that lines your canned goods to the pesticides liberally sprayed on anything alive these days, our bodies are constantly absorbing an outrageous amount of chemicals. High concentrations of metals build up in our systems … Read more

Liver Detox

The liver is one of the more important organs necessary for detoxification and if not cleansed regularly the end result is simply poor health and lack of energy. Detoxification is a gentle ongoing process of not only cleansing the gut ( see the amazing Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse on our … Read more

Weight Loss – Daily Battles

As always the Imsyser team would like to assist our fellow product users and new members in our daily battles with weight loss. It is always about lifestyle and of course the fact, as mentioned before, that most humans actually suffer dehydration more than they actually suffer actual hunger. A … Read more

Diabetes and Related Issues

Chromium is well known in treating Diabetes; taken to increase insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon is another such natural common Diabetes treatment. One of the lesser known treatment aids for Diabetes is the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tablets. Why? Well it is simple, Imsyser was designed for auto-immune conditions. Diabetes is an … Read more

Understand The Cause Of Migraines

Sharing this info on Migraines since there are so many theories around Migraines. Migraines are one of the most painful health conditions a human being can endure. Migraines typically occur on one of the side head in the temple region and/or under the eye, however they can occur in other … Read more

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