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Detox Routine For Optimal Health

It is has often been stated in health journals that when all else fails and there seems no relief on Disease Symptoms, do a parasite cleanse. I believe that before you are ‘forced’ to do this, make it a part of your regular 3-4 monthly Detox Routine, starting with this … Read more

Risks That Speeds Up Ageing And Disease

Whether it be super health we are trying to attain or mere prevention & treatment of ‘dis-ease’ , the core causes always stay the same. And if ‘dis-ease’ is not incentive enough then the mere thought of longevity , well a healthy one, should be incentive enough to try and … Read more

The Key To Gut & Digestive Problems

The Key to your gut and digestive problems! Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser, our pre-& probiotic cocktail is a unique blend inclusive of digestive enzymes designed to support & restore the natural balance of good bacteria that can be depleted due to factors such as poor or inadequate diet, stress, and … Read more

Detox Tea

Join the Imsyser Team for the ultimate easy drinking, comfortable tasting DETOX TEA. Oat Straw & Stinging Nettle. Combine and add 2 Tablespoons/pot of tea per day. Add to your 2 L water with the fresh juice of a lemon and WHALA…..detox your starts. Oat Straw may assist in WEIGHT … Read more

Gastrointestinal Tract

A healthy gastrointestinal tract is something we often take for granted.   This doesn’t involve a sudden, massive overhaul; instead, it requires a gradual process in which you boost the numbers of friendly bacteria in your gut – something which can easily be done with the help of probiotic-rich Microbial Health … Read more


Another huge factor in creating obesity is the increase in endocrine disruptors (chemicals that mimic, block or otherwise disrupt the normal function of hormones). These include pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soy products, and growth hormone in the animals and plants we eat. Farmers put hormones in the animals to fatten them up and consequently, the people eating the animals get fattened by the hormones as well. (This is also why girls develop sexually at an earlier age, and why boys develop breast tissue.) Eating organic food will help minimize exposure to these.


Detox Ideas by Dr. Mercola

The average person is likely to have more than 500 – 1,000 times higher levels of toxic chemical in the fat compartment of their bodies, which includes all fatty adipose tissues, brain and lipids in blood, than what is revealed in their blood serum

A simple way to “detoxify” more correctly to mobilize and eliminate is to optimize your lean body mass, because most of the toxins are fat soluble and are released when the fat is burned for fuel or energy to maintain the body functions

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Why Detox ?

The problem you’re having, and even your doctor might be shocked to know, is that right now you’re walking around with an average of 5-10lbs. of undigested rotting fecal matter in your intestines.

So it’s no wonder why almost 1 in every 4 Americans suffers from some type of digestive illness. A condition that’s a lot more severe than it sounds and carries with it dire health consequences.

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Detox and the Detoxification Diet

The simplest way to understand symptoms and disease integrates Western linear thinking, Chinese medicine and its philosophy of yin and yang, and the naturopathic approach to health and illness.  Problems in the body (and mind) often arise from either deficiency, where we are not acquiring sufficient necessary nutrients to meet our needs and body functions –

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