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Brainfood Support during Lockdown

Battle of the mind I know many are battling with just being down and or even depressed in a time when lockdown bans you from interacting with fellow humans ( a human necessity); keeps you inside (vit D from the sun another human necessity) and business or the economy is … Read more

Knowledge is the best protection

Its that time of the year…flu season is on its way … And even worse Coronavirus is already here!! The importance of a good probiotic for healthy digestion is well documented. Not only has the Imsyser health team been on Immune Support  in the past few months since the world … Read more

Imsyser Health supporting you through Lockdown

Imsyser at your service as Always We encourage you not to go into panic and fear during these turbulent times. Keep praying for all those around you instead. And remember your ‘head health’ is what will pull you through during this difficult time and could be your literal saving Grace! … Read more

Vulcan Silver vs Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Vulcan Silver vs Coronavirus (COVID-19) HIV/AIDS has 35 million victims worldwide of which an estimated 2 million die each year (5% mortality). Sepsis has recently emerged as the No. 2 global killer (behind heart disease), responsible for more deaths annually than cancer and HIV combined, with a mortality rate of … Read more

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