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Thyroid – An Auto-Immune Condition

That nasty little modern day auto-immune condition labelled ‘thyroid’!! It does seem as if this ‘trend’ is growing with almost every second diagnosis labelled thyroid issues. Sad but true is a modern day issue and, as with modern day, goes ‘lifestyle’ and choices. The age-old conversation that us as the … Read more

Symptoms Of A Sad, Beat Up Liver

These are 6 symptoms of a sad, beat up liver that most people don’t think are connected but they are so real for most of us: Skin problems Constipation Low blood sugar Food allergies So what do we do about this?? Start with a 7 day Deep intestinal cleanse. Results … Read more

End All Your Gut Miseries TODAY ….

End All Your Gut Miseries TODAY ….If you regularly suffer with bloating; constipation; diarrhoea; heartburn; indigestion and more… Imsyser is suggesting a solution to your problem. Just maybe you are not digesting all your food properly?? When your digestion malfunctions, improperly digested food slowly ROTS as it travels through your … Read more


STAYING REGULAR AND ENJOYING THE BENEFITS OF GOOD HEALTH… Constipation is so often mismanaged at medical level and when as many as 15% of adults regularly suffer from the condition and that is not even taking children into account, we have to ask what are we not addressing?? Assuming that … Read more

Prebiotics & Probiotics your Constipation, Weight and Immune Solution

Prebiotics & Probiotics your Constipation, Weight and Immune Solution Prebiotics (& Probiotics) Support Digestive and Immune Health If you don’t know much about prebiotics — with an “e” — you are far from alone!! A number of people have expressed confusion about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. Both can … Read more

Reactional Holiday Constipation??

Stop Constipation & Revitalise…. Chronic Constipation can rob you of your health. It clogs up the intestines, blocks the nutrients in your food from being absorbed through a healthy digestive lining & waste being deposited comfortably out of the digestive tract. This in turn causes excess weight gain, drains your … Read more

“Inflammation” – How To Prevent It

Sharing information on ‘Inflammation’ and how to prevent it. In a nutshell, there are about 37 trillion cells in the human body and every one of them is encased by a cell membrane.  Cell to cell communication occurs by chemical signals that are transmitted and received across this cellular membrane.  … Read more

Effectiveness Of Aloe (Also Found in Imsyser)

Sharing info on the Effectiveness of Aloe and its many uses; also an active ingredient in most of the Imsyser range with amazing results and testimonies. Findings: Wound healing: By day 5, 90% of wounds were healed (complete re-epithelialisation) with aloe  compared with 40-50% without aloe. Wound healing was 72 … Read more

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