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Let’s Get Back To Basics

Time to Detox We have had 6 weeks of home-bound, wrong eating, no exercise and an unusual amount of stress in various forms. Right now, the sane thing is to be gentle and kind to your body. So, when we mention ‘detox’ don’t think of the worst; simply embrace natural … Read more

Antibiotics and those Common Exposes That Threaten Our Guts

Antibiotics and those common exposes that threaten our guts;  as taken from the international best seller, Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your brain – For Life, Dr David Perlmutter takes a closer look at common exposes that threaten the gut – this week we … Read more

Natural Ways To Manage Colds & Flu

Once winter season arrives, colds and flu are inevitable. But a healthy diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation offers protection year-round with natural solutions that help strengthen your defences and keep you vibrant and energized. Both colds and flu are respiratory illnesses, but each is caused by different viruses ( why … Read more

Protection Against Flu and Viruses

Sharing tips on Immune health There are many clinical studies showing that a healthy immune system is crucial in the prevention and therapy for viral diseases. Studies also show that antioxidants, especially glutathione, are key in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system. The more deficient we are in antioxidants … Read more

5 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

Yup. It’s that time of year again…

Your pharmacy or doctor has probably already tried to push the flu shot on you. Especially if you’re 65 or older.

It turns out flu shots were only 9 percent effective last year against the H3N2 virus in adults over 65 years of age. New studies even show seasonal flu shots may actually increase your risk of getting the flu. 

Read more5 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

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