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Magnesium for Immunity!

Value add in times of trouble!! Value add is not the same for all Magnesium!!! Magnesium has a strong relation with the immune system, in both nonspecific and specific immune response, also known as innate and acquired immune response.  In very troubled times world wise where most are petrified at the … Read more

Our Children our Legacy

Children and food habits Modern day diet has changed radically over the past century and has become a significant cause of disease and illness. Sugar is killer no 1! Processed foods making up more than 60% of our present diet  No 2. Traditionally we had healthy vegetables and fruits, nuts … Read more

Your Employees Are OUR PEOPLE

Your employees are OUR PEOPLE. They are not merely workers earning a salary but individuals that make up the core of the company and their health is without saying CRUCIAL to the health of the company, their families and society as a whole. Employee stress and mental health touches every area … Read more

What Makes The Imsyser Products So Unique?

What makes Imsyser so unique? Imsyser products are 100% natural and contains no artificial colourants, flavouring or preservatives. And because of this ‘natural nature’, it is recognised by the body as food and not as medication and full absorption is facilitated within the body. No extractions or concentrations are used … Read more

Why Probiotics Are Important For Kids Too – Their Microbiome

WHY PROBIOTICS ARE IMPORTANT FOR KIDS TOO There are trillions of bacteria living throughout the digestive tract—some good, some bad. A proper balance of these organisms is essential for happy, healthy children, and probiotics are often a critical part of that balance. Your child is born with a unique set … Read more

Obsessions With Gut Health And Rightly So!!

Obsessions with Gut Health and rightly so!! Health starts with our Diet The health and wellness community is obsessed with gut health—and for good reason! We all know what a bummer digestive problems can be, and, in fact, it’s hard to feel healthy at all when you are experiencing digestive … Read more

New Studies On Probiotics For Babies

New Studies On Probiotics For Babies We are so often bombarded with the benefits of probiotics quite neglecting the benefit needed at ‘ground’ level, for our new-born babies. More recent studies done on the importance of probiotics has been directed at the value of such and the importance of the … Read more

Cancer Stats And Our Young Children – The Real Driving Force

Cancer STATS and our Young Children the real Driving force for the Imsyser team to keep on hounding our Imsyser followers to pay attention to modern day toxic overload and the results as recorded internationally is a sure warning that things are getting worse!! Scary statistics are unfolding internationally and … Read more

Unique Modern Day Probiotic For Modern Day Lifestyle

Unique Imsyser Probiotic to the Discussion One of the key aspects of the unique IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC LIQUID is its role, in the human body, in the assimilation of nutrition and processing of metabolites vital to survival and health. For this reason, the effects of IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC … Read more

The Reason For The Lack Of Energy And Fatigue In Our Children

Studying Our Children I have had the ‘privilege’ to work with a friend supporting her in an aftercare environment, dealing with children and for the first time have realised the severity of toxic overload in our human species and on a more serious note that of our children. Energy and … Read more

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