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Your very Best Mental Health today

More people are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety than ever before The biggest problem is the concerning issues of the age of affliction getting younger and younger. Addiction to prescription drugs (such as opiates, depressants and stimulants) is spiking all across the Western world and the rate of suicide … Read more

Gut health, Digestion and much much more …

Gut health, Digestion and much much more… We all know that in reality digestion (or at least the first part thereof) starts in the mouth with the chewing process. What is very seldom mentioned is the fact that the oral microme also need to be in balance as does the … Read more

Dementia Update from the Imsyser team

The Imsyser team would like to share the works of a well-known doctor (as below) on preventing one of the scariest ‘potentials’ for all of us, even if you aren’t old enough yet to worrying about brain health. Alzheimer’s is preventable as is Dementia. You are what you eat!! Once … Read more

The Benefits of Taking Flax Seed

Flax Seed, another well-known Omega 3 supply, has been known to promote immunities, helps lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduces cancer risk, stabilizes blood sugar, lessens the symptoms of arthritis, asthma, and allergies, natural laxative, helps with menopause/ osteoporosis, reduces the threat of blood clots, enhances the immune system, alleviates … Read more

Dimentia & Toxic Overload

Sharing some truly wise words which in effect applies not only for DIMENTIA but most conditions referring to toxic overload in the body: “Global health needs to widen its scope to include non-pharmaceutical interventions to mitigate dementia’s startling future outlook. Instead of treating dementia, science must look at prevention and … Read more


Sharing incredible knowledge .. Watch Part 1 of the new TBN interview series INSIDE THE TRINITY FAMILY OF NETWORKS to see Dr Caroline Leaf speaking about the SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN TV series, and on how powerful your mind is; correct response to stress, the difference between sin and trauma and understanding … Read more

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