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How The Large Intestine Functions

Through the ileo-cecal valve, chyme is passed into the cecum from the small intestine. At this stage, the chyme consists of undigested or indigestible food substances, secretions from the liver, pancreas, small bowel and water. In the cecum, the water is mostly removed, reducing the chyme to a semi-solid consistency which is now … Read more


GET RID OF THE WASTE (TOXINS) IN YOUR BODY with IMSYSER’s  DEEP INTESTINAL CLEANSE  to the rescue. ANY road to true wellness starts with getting rid of the TOXIC road blocks – toxic waste in our digestive system is often at least 95 % of the root cause of most ‘dis-ease’. Everything … Read more

Battered Bowel Ecology

Chronic fatigue, Immune Health & Weight issues as a result of battered bowel ecology. The bowel ecosystem is always damaged in chronic states, and its restoration is the core for chronic fatigue, weight loss issues immune health and various other heath discrepancies. In conventional medicine, treatment of symptoms directly related … Read more

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