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Why Child-Friendly Probtiotics Are Beneficial For Children

Why Child-Friendly Probtiotics Are Beneficial For Children. Whether you’re a full-time mom it’s difficult to ensure optimal health every day. To stay proactive, probiotics should be introduced to assist in that which modern day plants don’t seem to provide. Child-friendly probiotics can be added to any kid’s diet in the … Read more

Lifestyle Changes

10 LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO REDUCE YOUR RISK OF CANCER & IMPROVE IMMUNE FUNCTIONING:  Go Organic. Go Green! Choose low fat. Cut out refined sugars. Cut out processed foods. Cut out preservatives and salts. This will prevent your body from having to fight all the toxins a poor diet offers and … Read more

What to do if you can’t sleep

–  Calcium in the diet helps one relax
– Pantothenic Acid taken with Niacin is a Vitamin of the B complex group.
– Taken with niacin will avoid face flushing
– Herbal teas like Hops, Camomile & Quiet Night ( Contains Valerian, Yarrow & Catnip)
– Avoid using caffeine products

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