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Above all Immune optimizing potential of Aloe has come to the limelight Immune optimizing potential of Aloe. Aloe has come to the limelight  for its amazing healing  properties the past …

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Stimulating Cleanse

Stimulating Cleanse Stimulating Cleanse. All health lies in your gut heath! Fact!…All health lies with your Microbiome! Fact! So, if your cleanse is causing a diarrhoea and disturbing the natural …

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What Makes The Imsyser Products So Unique?

What makes Imsyser so unique? Imsyser products are 100% natural and contains no artificial colourants, flavouring or preservatives. And because of this ‘natural nature’, it is recognised by the body …

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The Effectiveness of Aloe Vera

Sharing info on the Effectiveness of Aloe Vera and its many uses; also an active ingredient in most of the Imsyser range with amazing results and testimonies.  Findings: Wound healing: …

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Active Ingredients of Aloe Vera

The Aloe bitters contain anthraquinones, mainly aloin and alecin, as well as resins.  Aloin is pharmacologically inactive, but when ingested it is converted by the bowel flora to aloe-emodin anthrone, which has primarily a laxative effect.  As the aloin has to reach the colon before any effect can occur, it takes about 8 hours to work.  A dose taken at bedtime therefore results in a bowel movement the next morning.

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