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Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD

Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD.  Why not try and fix ADHD with Imsyser?? The NATURAL ALTERNATIVE!!! Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not just a problem for children. More than half of the children with ADHD continue to experience symptoms as adults. The classic signs are … Read more

A Healthy Gut Leads To A Healthy Mind

A Healthy Gut Leads To A Healthy Mind And A Healthy Microbiome is Everything! Microbiome, are the key to many kinds of neurological diseases in the brain, such as dementia, ADHD, depression and Parkinson’s as well as most autoimmune diseases. Your Brain Health Why? Your brain not only communicates to … Read more

Kids Put on ADHD Drugs For Normal Behaviour

Sharing:Kids Put on ADHD Drugs for Normal Behaviour “New research reveals a disturbing explanation for the ADHD epidemic sweeping the U.S. A study published recently in The Journal of Paediatrics finds that kids who are young for their grade when entering school are up to twice as likely to be … Read more

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