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Synbiotics: Announcing The Marriage Of Pre- & Probiotics


Probiotics, prebiotics, and now synbiotics? Although we learn more each day about the importance of good digestive health, it is hard to keep up. That’s why we are here. We’re passionate about quality digestive health and the science that makes it a reality.


Probiotics are the beneficial microorganisms that help maintain good digestive health as opposed to prebiotics, the non-digestible food that these beneficial microbes feed on in the intestines. Prebiotics are especially importance since they have very specific nutrient needs, and therefore by selecting specific foods you would naturally increase the numbers of good bacteria based on this feeding scheme.


Similarly to symbiosis ( a healthy state of co-existence beneficial to all parties), synbiotics focus on the coexistence of prebiotics and probiotics. Synbiotics are being designed with the hope that a well-balanced supplement of prebiotic and probiotic counts will flourish, creating a healthier underlying microbial ecology within the host.

This type of finely tuned symbiotic ‘relationship’ was developed a few years ago by the manufacturing concern that makes the very unique Imsyser brand. It is after all only possible in a liquid product where live interaction is possible. And this, amongst other many beneficial factors, is what makes the Imsyser 12 Strain liquid probiotic present itself as tops in the industry. This product produces instant relief in most gut associated issues and is 100% natural; therefore, all ages can use the product. No refrigeration is needed, another benefit! And this product is not only gut friendly in a fermented format but also is not affected by stomach pH.

More from a product cannot be asked. Available country-wide, this product is a winner for all ages and enough to last the average family a month. We do after all need a daily probiotic.

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