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Surviving Crohns Disease

Crohn’s is currently treated with antibiotics and various forms of Immune suppressing drugs on the assumption that Crohn’s is a combination of bacterial infections and an auto-immune condition ( meaning no known cause or no known cure!) but studies have proven when managed with lifestyle changes, management of stress and good gut microme support, Crohn’s may be managed quite effectively. I believe it is an auto-immune condition but brought on by human factors and as such may be reversed. Also by supporting gut microme you optimise Immune functioning( not decrease or increase) and thereby assist in supporting the Immune System to assist health and not decrease its functionalities. By following a healthy diet you optimise your Immune Health thereby aiding the functions of healthy gut microme and finally by managing stress you indirectly optimise you Immune functioning as you stabilise gut activity. In reality they all do the same and end up doing the same in managing the condition. So how do we tackle this:






NO GM FOODS…..for starters!

Then take meats & animal fats&proteins out of the diet and monitor yourself. You might need to do this for quite a few months till gut stability I attained.

Drink enough GOOD water adding a teaspoon of colloidal solution of Himalayan Rock salt dissolved in water to every Litre of water to assist mineral balances in the gut.

GO GREEN on the diet. Enough fibre and good nutrition can be sourced this way until comfortable and then slowly introduce small amounts of fish and organic protein and monitor your progress. Your body will tell you.

Stop medications; rather supplement for good Microbial Support to optimise gut functioning and Immune Support. ( visit for more on the 12 STRAIN pre&probiotic Liquid Microbial Stabiliser) and your let your food be your doctor. You are what you eat.

Downtime for healing & Health

Take time to contemplate enough exercise for good health without unnecessarily stressing the body. Sleep enough and then practice medication, prayer, anything to bring your Spirit into alignment. Remember that gut health directly reflects your emotional/spiritual well-being and almost always the other way round as well. (try some of  Caroline Leaf’s teaching for this success story to manifest into your life and see and feel the difference)

Crohn’s disease is about gut health and diet and bad bacteria ( inclusive of the lack of/enough of the good bacteria we need for healthy gut functioning) are and these are all tell-tale signs that something is all wrong. Your gut cannot lie to you! You are worth the investment into your health!

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