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Suffering from Back Pain

Missing the sometimes the obvious….gas!!!

Most people don’t realise but we might pass gas as much as 14 times per day. In reality, the only offense seems to lie in the fact that it might smell and is an ‘offense’ to most. So, what makes them smell – hydrogen sulphide. And you would have guessed …yes, it makes them truly flammable! And the reactions to them of course!!

Classically the syndrome is described as “gas in your stomach is primarily caused by swallowing air when you eat or drink. Most stomach gas is released when you burp. Gas forms in your large intestine (colon) when bacteria ferment carbohydrates — fibre, some starches and some sugars — that aren’t digested in your small intestine” but for many it manifests as early at birth, especially when there seems to be a slight genetic predisposition towards such.

Everyone passes gas, even babies and in fact it is in that initial ‘gas’ that is created in the introduction to the world as the little ons is introduced to the world and bacteria added; that leads to the classic colic syndrome. If gas does not escape naturally and comfortably, pressure build up will cause pain for all ages and might even lead to back pain.

How do we build up gas otherwise?

  • Fast eating/drinking (babies gulping) results in air being swallowed and might result in gas
  • Overeating, smoking and even chewing gum may lead to upper intestinal gas as well
  • Carbonated drinks might lead to gas build up
  • Dehydration might lead to gas
  • Stress and classic IBS leads to excess gas
  • Prescription drugs might lead to excess gas
  • Food allergies and resultant auto-immune responses might lead to gas. Excess lower intestinal gas can be caused by eating too much of certain foods, by the inability to fully digest certain foods or by a disruption in the bacteria normally found in the colon.

Foods that cause gas in one person might not cause it in another. Common gas-producing foods and substances include:

  • Beans and lentils
  • Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts (cruciferous vegetables), beans & peas
  • Bran, biscuits…carbs for many
  • Dairy products containing lactose
  • Fructose, which is found in some dried fruits
  • Fructose used as a sweetener in soft drinks and other products
  • Sorbitol, a sugar substitute found in some sugar-free candies, gums and artificial sweeteners
  • Carbonated beverages, such as soda or beer
  • Eggs & Dairy

There are many ‘dis-eases’ linked to gas but mostly a disruption of the microme relates to most of the issues and merely adjusting them back is a simple release to the imbalance. I have found clients battle for years with no release and simply taking a huge dose of the Imsyser probiotic almost instantly release the discomfort, especially in the classic IBS cases:

Of course, if the layering of toxic mucous and imbedded waste is the problem, a mere cleanse or two taken in together with the daily probiotic results in wonders for most. Simply, use the 7 day deep intestinal cleanse, stripping out the old waste including the removal of many imbedded old bacteria resulting in the gas in the first place:

It is that simple for many and for some more chronic daily maintenance might be needed but in the case of the 500 ml Imsyser Probiotic monthly maintenance has never been not only affordable but reliable and effective. Simply call for more info 086 010 3859 or click here:

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