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Struggle with diabetes?…Chaya (Tree Spinach)


Chaya is your very best defense against Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Circulatory issues including heart and the very best supply to all your iron deficiencies…

Chaya used as a food and medicine

Cnidoscolus Aconitifolius is a highly nutritious shrub native to Central America and Mexico where it is has been widely cultivated for use as food and medicine for centuries. It’s referred to as the Mayan Miracle plant.

Topic of scientific research

Many universities from different countries have done research on this unique plant. The plant has “exceptional nutritional value”. It contains essential amino acids and many vitamins and minerals. Twenty phyto-chemotypes with different therapeutic activities have been revealed in Chaya.

Value as a Food and a Medicine

Chaya may be taken in its capsule form or simply as a powder to be added to your daily smoothie. Even in its tea leaf form, the medicinal values speak for themselves. The results are speaking for themselves with the wonderful testimonies.

In a chronically ill society where Insulin resistance and Diabetes is on the increase, our clients are looking for the next best 100% natural solution to treating these conditions. Imsyser has the privilege to introduce this new range to the range of Imsyser products developed for your very best Immunity and Gut issues!!

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