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Stress & Weight Gain

Stressful situations DO lead to weight gain, according to the latest studies.

In a study researchers measured (blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol) women’s metabolic rates and the results were quite horrific. We know that ‘Stress’ itself is not the ‘baddie’ and we also know that to dream of living in a stress free environment is also not reality. It is however how we deal with the ‘stress’ which ultimately determines the cortisol release and resultant weight gain ( especially over a long period!) slowly bit by bit.

Life is tough enough but sometime we just need to make choices by saying NO or simply walking away from a situation. We are more than any circumstance and we deserve the right to a healthier “YOU”. Excessive weight taxes the body and in midst of a Global Obesity Crisis, the Imsyser team would love to help by saying we care, we want to help.

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