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Stop Boosting, Start Balancing IMMUNITY

Stop Boosting. Start Balancing Immunity

Balancing Immunity remains core; stop boosting Immunity. For years we at Imsyser have been saying the same thing watching the trends. After a year and half of this global Pandemic, the trends now show that boosting is “not in” but “stabilizing” Immunity for best internal balance!

I share this extract: “McGroarty also believes that the future of immune health is a case of ‘stop boosting, start balancing Immunity’. She continues: “Immunity has become a consumer obsession led by a blitz of pop-it, guzzle-it, IV-drip-it ‘immune-boosting’ superfoods and supplements – none of which change the complex immune system significantly. Moreover, the primary ways the wellness industry has been addressing immunity are flat-out wrong. The future is evidence-backed approaches to immune health, with metabolic health, the microbiome, and personalized nutrition leading the trend. And we’ll see more experimentation with everything from ‘positive stress’ experiences to intermittent fasting for immune resilience.”


So, let us reiterate after 12 + years in the industry saying the same thing:

  1. It all starts in the gut – clean out all old impacted waste (inclusive old lining), then balance and support your healthy microbiome:

  1. As far as Immunity is concerned – clean out at cellular level and then balance & support internally with your very best wholefood nutritional support that stabilises the Immune system:

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