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When Do We Start Developing A Toxic Colon??

The Problem

I believe that when the bowel is under-active, toxic wastes are more likely to be absorbed through the bowel wall and into the bloodstream from which they become deposited in the tissues.

If any elimination system is under-active, more wastes are retained in the body. As toxins accumulate in the tissues, increasing degrees of cell destruction take place. The digestion becomes poor and partially digested material adds to the problem because the body cannot make good tissue out of half-digested nutrients. Proper function is slowed in all body tissues in which toxins have settled. When anyone has reached the degenerative disease stage, it is a sign that toxic deposits have taken the body over.


Our bodies can be overwhelmed by toxic accumulations from poor circulation, lack of exercise; improper diet and lifestyle choices. An under-active body burdened with toxic wastes does not have the capability of throwing off those toxins. As a body becomes increasingly toxic, proper oxidation cannot take place in the tissues. Without oxygenation, we lack energy and a tired body continues the downward spiral. Cancer might even be the end result once the body has reached this level of toxification.

Sick people are always tired people!!

 One of the first things doctors often say is that you can’t reabsorb toxic material from the bowel. But this is just so untrue! It is possible that the water going through bowel to the kidneys taking some of the waste material along with it? And we wonder why the kidney problems is on the increase world-wide. It is not worth waiting till kidney infections set in to realise that general health has been on the decline for quite a while! Kidneys are far more hard to heal and manage that restoring irregular and unhealthy gut functioning, seasonally.

How often?

Why do I say seasonally? Well simply with all the new changes to any one season as far as plant sources is concerned, water supplies and more; we need to address the old first before we simply add new to the potentially already clogged up old gut lining. Modern day man is eating fruits and veggies totally out of season since man has managed to store and preserve most foods long before actually ripening and this in itself should send off a warning sign. We are not only nutritionally deplete because of this but the toxic overload to the system is really the ‘baddy’ amongst all the ‘baddies’!

So simply add a regular deep intestinal cleanse once seasonally, ensuring a perfectly healthy, happy gut lining to ensure optimal nutritional uptake and waste delivery out of the body, and the rest is easy. The kidneys stay in alignment and optimal Immunity is preserved. Your own body knows how to do the rest. Visit for more on gut cleansing and balancing.

Optimising Your Health

Optimise your nutritional intake with Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser tablets and rest is history literally! Balance is optimised. And once this is established all healthy norms follow.

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