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Spotlight on the value of Spirulina

The Value of Spirulina

As shared by Health Connection…

“This fine green powder is a whole food supplement produced from microscopic algae. It is regarded as a super-food as it is nutrient dense and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These are a few benefits and ways of using our Spirulina Powder:

5 Benefits of Spirulina Powder

  1. Source of iron (3.3 mg iron per teaspoon)
  2. High in plant protein (2.6 g complete protein per teaspoon)
  3. High in vitamin B6 (41% of the daily requirement per teaspoon)
  4. Source of vitamin B2 (23% of the daily requirement per teaspoon)
  5. Source of antioxidants (main active component is phycocyanin)”

And more importantly the benefit not mentioned is the added value of a good heavy metal detox!

One of the key factors in dealing with huge toxicity issues is the value attached to a heavy metal detox when there are just so many hidden heavy metals lost in labeling. If you are part of any classic natural cleansing ritual this is a given and even more so for those battling with cancers.

Imsyser’s Greenfood

At Imsyser we have managed to source an amazing greenfood product that we have been selling to our clients for years. Not only is this hidden benefit of the heavy metal detox a reality but when you look at the nutritional values of this product; you are left with no uncertainty that this super greenfood can and will add value to your life. Super-charged immunity being but one of the super values of taking a smoothie such as this.

Add some Chaya powder

You can dolly it up as much as you would like or take simply as it is with its earthy flavor. Add a little of the Imsyser CHAYA powder. You will super charge your health for all and any circulatory issues, insulin and Diabetes issues and huge benefits for those battling with Iron deficiencies.

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