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Soil Degradation Our Degradation

Sharing from extracts by Guardian Global Development Professional Network.

It may look plain but soil is a natural resource essential to sustaining life on Earth. Soil provides nutrients, water and minerals to plants and trees, stores carbon and is home to billions of insects, small animals, bacteria and many other micro-organisms. Yet the amount of fertile soil on the planet has been diminishing at an alarming rate, compromising the ability of farmers to grow food to feed a global population that is projected to top nine billion by 2050. Healthy soil feeds the world.

Soil is where food begins. Composed of minerals, water, air and organic matter, soil provides primary nutrient cycling for plant and animal life and acts as a basis for feed, fuel, fibre and medical products as well as for many critical ecosystem services.

“The quality of our food very much depends on the quality of our soil,” says Ronald Vargas, Soils and Land Management Officer at FAO. “Soil degradation is a silent process but with huge consequences for humanity. Studies show that about a third of the planet’s soils are facing moderate to severe degradation. Along with the international year of soils, 2015 happens to be a particularly important year for the planet’s sustainable future with new global goals set to be announced. A focus and commitment to healthy living soils will be a crucial ally in ensuring food security and nutrition for all.”

Going ‘green’ with the Imsyser team is not just a dedication to good soil preservation but also the deeper understanding that we are part of the larger picture of saving the same for our kids and their generations to come. This entails the preservation of good nutrition through the soil in the ever increasing demand to go natural and cut the ‘drug’ usage down. You are what you eat! It is as simple as that and we need to read our labels down to the smallest scale to ensure we minimise the ever increasing hidden  dangers of salts and sugars and rather aim for the nutritious fresh produce on our shelves. What however would the value be if we neglect the soil by allowing and partaking in pollution.

Knowledge is Power. Let us empower ourselves in the preservation  of that which is good and natural to our bodies. Detox where necessary to remove unwanted waste with the various products available in our range and make the difference for generations to come. More on our website at

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