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So, Nucleo Or A Flu Shot? You Make The Decision

So, Nucleo or a flu shot? It’s winter. Many people take flu shots. Why? Is that normal? Because your immune system can’t fight for itself?

Come now, there are more than enough research warning about flu shots today.

I have never had a flu injection. Neither my wife and three boys. I haven’t caught a flu for the last 7 winters. The boys have. But they recover quickly. Their immune system is strong enough. Isn’t that normal? And priceless?
Compared to flu injections or 3-5 courses of anti-biotics!

So let’s study only one of the 43 immune boosters in Nucleo: Spirulina – A superfood within a superfood…

Gram for gram Spirulina may be the single most nutritious food on the planet.

Spirulina contains excellent omega-3, 6, 9 healthy fats. Combined with the other Omega 3 in Nucleo (from Salmon and palm oil), it provides the highest Omega 3 dosage in any shake or porridge in South Africa. I have compared them all.

The quality of the protein in Spirulina is simply phenomenal… it’s comparable to eggs. It contains all the essential amino acids that we need daily.

Spirulina contains the full range of essential vitamins and minerals in a highly absorption-friendly state.
The quality of bio-available iron and calcium (more than 26 times the calcium in milk) makes Spirulina superb for children, the elderly and during pregnancy.

The powerful anti-oxidant ability in Spirulina is well known for fighting free radicals and suppressing inflammation. It scores 4 times better in anti-oxidant ability than blueberries.

Studies is showing that SpirulinaNucleo
– gives outstanding support against heart disease.
– detoxes the blood from heavy metals
– boosts the intestine’s healthy bacteria
– eliminates candida
– stops diarrhoea
– suppress viruses
– prevents cancer
– lowers blood pressure
– reduces cholesterol
– boosts energy
– speeds up weight loss
– alleviate sinus problems

Sometimes people, especially children, complain about the green colour of the Vanilla Nucleo or the dark brown of the Chocolate Nucleo.
That is the Spirulina dude!
Life is so not cool without it!

We replaced Spirulina with beetroot in Strawberry Nucleo to give it a pink colour. I only recommend this to moms who’s children refuses to drink Chocolate or Vanilla Nucleo.

I lift a glass of Nucleo to your flu free winter!
Jacques aka the Milkshake Man
As jy Afrikaans verstaan luister na Nucleo se ontstaan hier

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