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Snack Time Treats Or Health Hazards??

With all the choices available from stores on-line or other, most consumers are left confused.

Many commercially available  snacks contain soy protein, gluten, casein, trans fat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup), or protein levels that are too high. They are also loaded with fillers that offer little or no nutrition and may also contain additives. Some have been shown to have harmful effects on your mood, behaviour, metabolic functioning, and your body’s biochemistry. These additives in snacks also may include genetically modified “flavour-enhancing” compounds.

What do these do? Well…. these flavour-enhancing chemicals stimulate your taste buds and may trick your brain into thinking you taste something salty, sweet, or savoury, without it being there! So now we are hooked not only on the sugar but the additive factor as well!!

All things best avoided whenever possible!!

A high-quality snack should provide energy, but it must also offer important nutrients, especially fibre, vitamins, and minerals. However, many of the processed, pre packaged options available today bear little resemblance to real food and are made mostly of grains and sugar.

Read your label….always fibre, fibre and preferably more fibre if possible. So less sugar , more of the good stuff which in turn assists with promoting regularity and supporting a healthy GI function.

Fibre helps slow down your digestion and helps maintain glucose and blood cholesterol levels already in the normal range. Good food sources are various nuts & seeds, apples, coconut and various berries. Source these from your bar choices.

And then keep your total sugar and fructose intake below 25 grams a day, or as low as 15 grams if you are already insulin-resistant. This includes ALL the sugar and fructose from the fruits, drinks, and carbohydrates you eat each day.

A good idea these days since most of us are protein deficient as well is to source a bar with a fair amount of good protein as well since this might just be a meal replacement for you as well, since most bars are consumed on the run anyway.

Your body needs high-quality protein for bone and muscle maintenance and other functions.

What to avoid in your bar choice:

NO added sugars, syrups, sugar alcohol, or artificial sweeteners

NO genetically modified ingredients

NO fillers or synthetic additives

NO gluten, soy, or casein

NO preservatives

Happy bar hunting days are here especially as it is summer. Make it a healthy choice, not a convenient choice, that is all the Imsyser team is suggesting. Be Blessed in your health today!!

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