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Sleep, your Healer!

The Real value of sleep

We all now the real value of sleep but only when we get and or stay sick, do we realize the true value thereof…. Or when we need to and simply cannot sleep!! Not getting enough sleep can literally take years off your life, including the risk of an early death. The link between sleep deprivation and mortality has been shown in many a research. Sleep is essential for survival; in fact, it is a known fact that one of the cruel-lest of forms of torture in many a war is the one of sleep deprivation.

Scientists have discovered an association between lack of sleep, disease and the risk of early death. Quite simply, understanding that all healing comes through effective Immunity, and effective Immunity comes through good sleep, makes it a ‘no-brainer’ to implement for future good health. Immunity, in turn, pretty much determines all other health; and going back a step, all Immunity comes from within the gut; so, sleep, should be related to gut, not so?.

Sleep is connected to your metabolism which explains why weight-loss is impossible without good heathy sleep and so too all the way through to healthy brain and emotional functioning. Poor sleep is a factor in chronic, age-related diseases of our time, including Diabetes, Heart health, Cancer, and most neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. So, sleep is crucially important in the bigger health equation.

The Gut Link

We all know about the gut link to Immunity through our healthy microbiome. We also know that this same link along the Vagus nerve serves our brain health and links the gut and Immunity directly to each other. But, so too, these small organisms are linked to our sleeping issues. Good gut health according to the latest studies relates to good sleeping habits and vice versa.

Then Your Microbiome Relates to Sleep?

The human microbiome is made up of trillions of tiny microbes -bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc and parasites and they are messengers regulating all health systems from within the gut as source or home to the bulk of them.

The gut microbiome is frequently called our “second brain.” That’s because the gut is home to a nervous system and about 100 million neurons. The nervous system of the microbiome is in constant communication with the brain and our central nervous system, helping to regulate hormone production, immune system function, appetite, digestion and metabolism, mood, and stress responses.

These same microbiome produce some of the body’s melatonin (which is also produced in the brain) as well as other hormones and neurotransmitters involved with sleep, including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.

“Our microbiome is regulated by circadian rhythms. Research has shown that when circadian rhythms are disrupted, the health and functioning of the microbiome suffers. At the same time, so is sleep. The health of the microbiome can also be disrupted by poor diet, stress, illness, and excessive use of some medications including antibiotics.” So in other words:  Irregular sleep schedules can disrupt a healthy gut and more than likely vice versa. In fact, the research shows that a lack of sleep results in:

  • A significant drop in beneficial bacteria
  • Changes to the composition of micro-organisms in the microbiome that are linked specifically to obesity and type 2 Diabetes (and as related to heart health)
  • A significant reduction in Insulin sensitivity

Restless, poor quality sleep affects the microbiome and metabolic health! 

So, sleep more! Rest more! Pray and meditate more…its good for your microbiome and therefore its good for your Immunity, resulting in good health, in all regards. And if you want to secure better sleeping habits ensure good gut health with the Imsyser health product range, especially the Imsyser Probiotic, to optimise your healthy gut microbiome – maybe ensuring another dose before bed-time for improved sleeping. I know it works for babies, so, it works for adults!

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