Skin Care

A Bio-friendly Introduction To Our His&Hers Skin Care.

Just like in our Digestive Systems, Good Bacteria keep harmful bacteria at bay on our Skin, the largest organ in the body. This ecosystem is called the “Skin-biome”. The “skin-biome” needs to be is nurtured with a protective shield of good bacteria which previously we used to get from our healthier water supplies, through soil and plants, as was collected naturally in Nature. All this has changed; more disruptive chemicals being the least of the issues.

The Skin-biome is there to protect us against harmful bacteria often route to skin ‘dis-eases’ (changes or problems) and external environmental damage. Skin-biome are hugely at risk since modern day use of antiseptics, sanitisers, antibiotics, and chemicals as obtained through chemical skincare ranges. Add poor diets, and the skin battles to self-restore. With our latest internal and external use Probiotic Skin Restoration Sprays (one for Acne Skins & One for Normal Skins) we are now able to extract the most important components of beneficial bacteria to enhance the skins’
ability to outcompete with any harmful bacteria, helping restore the skin to its natural, healthy skin-biome balance.

  • Contains natural active ingredients.
  • Contains environmentally beneficial, live bacteria.
  • Eliminates skin odors.
  • Successfully restores the biofilm that houses and protects harmful bacteria by inhibiting the
    pathogenic bacteria that cause infections.

For this simple reason, microbiomes have become the key focus not only for Gut Health but also a key driver in the Skin Care industry. We have used our unique probiotic formulation in most of our products. Freshly squeezed Aloe is base to the products, not only as a super antioxidant to the skin but for all the know healing properties it manages. All our products are Natural; selected essential oils are used as Natural Preservatives to support shelf life.

Harsh cleansers destroy the protective barrier on your skin (you know when this happens: your skin turns all dry and red). This changes your Microbiome (the population of bacteria on your skin): the Good Bacteria slowly disappear, and the bad ones take hold.

The Skin is merely a continuance of the internal state and representative of the state of health in both external and internal expressions. So too, is the need for a liquid application in a readily bio-available format for immediate internal and external responses. You are only as healthy as your gut is but so too, as healthy, and young looking like the state or condition of your skin. Both are bi-directionally equally important. The good bacteria on your skin are alive. If you want to replenish them and rebalance your microflora, you need live bacteria.

Probiotics can lower your skin’s pH, keeping your microbiome balanced. Probiotics are the Good Bacteria. Their job is to strengthen your skin and restore or maintain a good balance of bacteria. The added advantage we have in this unique formulation is the various natural plants/herbs used to support not only gut health but enhance skin health acting as super antioxidants.

Read our short book on Skin Care / Training Manual for easy read to better skin care.

Imsyser Skin Range is now FDA Approved.