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Sinus Season

Beautiful Testimony

Not having to live in fear of that next sinus attack or sinus headache is an ongoing, daily prayer for many. No longer constantly having to dope yourself with medications that leave you foggy-headed and even greater relief when you find a remedy as did my client. So, I share this amazing testimony as we go into that sinus season expecting daily seasonal ‘misery’!

One of my clients came by on Friday and told me that the relief from the magnesium chest spray has been incredible from the sinus attack through to the niggly throat or “squeezy” chest the past 6 months – in fact her words…. A “lifesaver” ; a “go to product” for all respiratory related issues these past 6months. She uses a magnesium/colloidal silver nasal spray as well the magnesium chest spray to help loosen any blockages and or for basic sinus relief.     

What most non-sufferers do not know is that these sufferers are dealing headaches &/or facial pain, nose burning, excess mucous/constant nasal drip causing nausea and stomach issues eventually because literally all the poison dumbs into the stomach, eventually. There are many debilitating factors that keep our clients down until they eventually find relief from fatigue, earaches, infections & smells as well as that  horrid “foggy thinking”…the loss of taste or smell…and feeling downright rotten all the time!

WondersilV Nasal Spray

WondersilV Nasal Spray is an effective natural treatment for upper respiratory infections. It helps with the elimination of all viral, bacterial and fungal infections in the nasal cavities, and was formulated to effectively treat sinusitis naturally. It is a non-addictive nasal spray that will not do any damage to your nasal passages.

With WondersilV Natural Sinus Spray we help those battling from blocked noses due to rhinitis or sinusitis to enable you to breathe easier. We understand those suffering from a blocked nose.

A stuffy nose can also hinder your sports and leisure-time activities, sleep patterns and generally keep you feeling miserable.

Health Benefits & the Value-add of the Imsyser Magnesium Nasal Spray

•          Natural treatment for upper respiratory infections

•          Helps elimination of all viral, bacterial and fungal infections in the nasal cavities

•          Treat sinusitis naturally

•          Non-addictive nasal spray; will not do any damage to your nasal passages.

•          Helps with blocked noses due to rhinitis or sinusitis

•          Helps Upper Respiratory Infections

•          Helps with Sinusitis

•          Helps with Post-Nasal Drip & Runny Nose

•          Helps with Sinus Headaches

•          Helps with Nasal Congestion

•          Helps with Allergies / Hay-Fever

•          Colloidal Silver helps destroy disease-causing bacteria, pathogens, viruses, fungi

•           Naturally anti-bacterial

•           Anti-fungal

•           Anti-viral


contains natural plant chemicals, and muscle relaxing magnesium chloride from the dead sea. Modern extraction methods such as CO2 extraction has enabled us to extract highly concentrated plant chemicals of a very high purity, all of which are BP(Pharmaceutical)grade. After extraction the raw materials are further broken down into plant isolates such as a-pinene, globulol, menthofuran etc.

By choosing the correct isolates in combinations they become very useful to alleviate all kinds of ailments, pure plant oils in their natural state are very effective and often the synergy of all the natural isolates together without separation, is still the best route to follow. This is combination with the Magnesium is a relief spray of note!

The combination might be complemented with the other Magnesium products in our range for bones/joints or muscular – spray formats focussing on the pain using unique plant/herbal addition combinations to the magnesium for best results as well as the Magnesium Crystals for internal use to boost daily magnesium levels. Simply call Imsyser 086 010 3859  for your best advice going forward or click here for all the information needed for your best health solution today:

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