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Sharing Weight Issues and More …

Sharing weight issues and the reasons behind these…

New toxic elements pop up every day and we wonder why we battle with toxic overload, cancers and more. Most of the time these are hidden elements and due to lack of knowledge ( and we don’t read our labels!!) we are none the wiser to the invisible attack on our bodies and worse….those of our children. Obesity is but a growing incidence world-wide but the bigger factor to concern over is the cost of ‘dis-ease’ and the really biggy …‘CANCER’!!!!

Plasticisers such as phthalates are always found in plastics. They can get into your body through your skin or your diet, mainly transferred from the packaging of most fatty foods. Because  can interfere with your hormone system and your metabolism, they may pave the way to weight gain, as confirmed by research.

Neurons in your gut help your Immune System keep inflammation in check as your Immune System was designed to protect you against potential infections, and inflammation. Neurons trigger a whole chain of events with the natural response of the Immune System trying to effect these out of the body. This triggers excessive inflammatory reactions ( auto-immune) and in the process causes chronic inflammation which then leads to ‘dis-ease’.

New research shows that neurons in your intestines send signals to Immune cells to lower inflammation. We all know the gut is referred to as your “second brain” and deserves as much healthy attention as the ‘first’ brain!!  So we need to not only ensure a healthy, clean gut but also healthy good microbial balances are maintained daily.

Imsyser to the rescue

To optimise a healthy clean gut we ask you to visit the Imsyser website at for more on this amazing product: a 7 day deep Intestinal Cleanse producing amazing results that are actually visible. This product may be used by all ages ( and pregnancy) dosage dependent, and even daily without becoming habit changing in any way. Energy levels soar through the roof once gut functioning is optimised.

Studies also link low fibre diets with disturbances in the trillions of micro-organisms that live in your gut that can also be pushed to extinction if not maintained. This is as damaging for adults as for children. Once again a regular deep intestinal clean will assist in this. Fibre assist in changing the composition of your gut microbiota, this may in turn reduces infections and assist in healthy optimisation for the whole body.

Scientists have also been doing in-depth studies on the importance of a healthy microbial state within the gut to not only restore but also maintain its microbiotic diversity. Why does diversity matter? Lack of microbiotic diversity is a serious problem. It not only leads to gastrointestinal symptoms, but also a lowered Immune System, neurological distress, metabolic complications, increased food cravings, and even a predisposition to obesity.

For these purposes one of the other products in the Imsyser range is advised not only as a treatment solution but a daily, optimising routine. All ages may benefit from its usage and feeling the results are literally instantaneous including your chronic IBS cases. Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser.


This amazing product is a 12 strain Liquid pre- & probiotic with natural digestive enzymes. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that many years of  research was put into developing a technique that not only mimics the natural diversity of the human gut but also the natural temperature ( does not have to be refrigerated) and the natural pH as per the human gut. There is no such product on the market that assists in gut support and therefore optimises the Immune System in a very affordable solution. This cocktail is presented in a 500 ml bottle and once opened lasts 2 months opened; good for the whole family to use daily. It is not only amazing in its affordability but also in its amazing results.

More products are available in the range that assist in the detoxing of the body in a gentle fashion, especially in most chronic auto-immune cases. Visit or call Liza for more on these products or to find out about our seasonal detox special. Only whilst stocks last. 086 010 3859

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